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Jen’s story is just one of many. Every day we support children, youth, adults and families in crisis and help people with disabilities thrive in communities across Canada. We work with people to uncover and develop their unique strengths to be the very best they can be.

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WJS Canada provides social services to children, youth, adults and families facing difficulties. We take a personalized, trauma-informed approach to care in an environment of cultural respect and support.

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The Power of Listening

Russell Auger is an Elder with more than 40 years of experience working with Indigenous youth and communities across North America. After previously working with Spirit of Our Youth for 9 years, we are happy to welcome Russell back to WJS as our Indigenous Cultural Advisor. Indigenous culture follows an oral tradition; creation stories, historical

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WJS Canada Strategic Plan

The strategic plan outlines an ambitious program that will have a positive impact on the experiences of our employees, how we deliver our services, our reputation, and how we manage future growth.

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When I consider what the last year has represented for WJS, the words that come to mind are change and foundational work. They would seem to be contradictory but in fact this past year has seen considerable resources being expended to invest in our strong foundation so that we can change and innovate to meet

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