Mission and Values

Our Mission

Strengthening people and communities with innovative, individualized services.

Our Vision

To realize the potential of those we serve through a spectrum of services that are holistic & culturally sensitive.

Our Mandate

To contribute to individual and community wellness by providing outcomes-based services in the areas of:

  • Support to persons with disabilities
  • Child, youth and family services
  • Youth justice
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Therapeutic service for families and individuals.

Our Ethics and Values

Professional Conduct
Respect everyone and show dedication to WJS standards of practice.

WJS employees and associates treat every individual, colleague and person served with respect, and avoid actions that may harm or cause harm to others. They behave in a manner that observes and complies with all legal, moral and ethical standards applicable to their professions, including the individual Codes of Ethics of their professional associations or liaisons.

Responsibility to Service Recipients
Uphold a high standard of service delivery.

WJS employees and associates protect the right of every person served to receive professional, respectful, appropriate, culturally competent service within WJS and in the community.

Respect privacy and the value of information.

WJS employees and associates respect and keep confidential all information obtained during the course of their employment about persons served , caregivers, colleagues, other agencies and professionals, and proprietary information about WJS.

Always promote the best interests of those we serve.

WJS employees and associates serve as advocates for persons served for both individual and group needs, and do everything possible to further their best interests in the community.

Professional Relationships & Clinical Practice
Act with integrity.

WJS employees and associates act with integrity in their relationships with colleagues, other agencies, organizations, institutions, referral sources, and other specialists to facilitate the best possible service and benefit for persons served and groups of persons served . WJS employees and associates establish and maintain their own levels of professional competencies at levels that provide the highest quality services available from the profession.

Community Relationships
Acknowledge the role of community in all that we do.

WJS employees and associates promote and are involved in community development activities specific to the people they serve, as well as in activities directed toward betterment of the community as a whole. Employees will make available only accurate information about WJS Canada and its programs.

Business Practices
Conduct our business according to best practices.

WJS employees and associates conduct all business practices, including management of finances, human resources, employment equity, administration, marketing and public relations, according to generally accepted practices and standards. Leadership at all levels promotes and practices ethical behaviours and values.

Research Activities
Provide, and contribute to, evidence-based services.

WJS employees and associates support and assist effort to expand the knowledge base in the agency´s service areas, always keeping in mind that any research that utilizes personal information about service recipients or employees requires their informed consent before they are included in any study.