WJS Canada | Leadership
WJS Canada provides a spectrum of human and social services to help people heal, accomplish and succeed. We care about making a difference within your community. We care about people. We are dedicated to resolving social issues, and we design our programs to suit your needs. We’re continuously learning new skills to give you the best possible service.
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Setting and Raising the Bar

WJS Canada is committed to following best practices and leading with innovation. We look for new ways to approach familiar problems. Our programs are precedent-setting and proven to produce the results we seek for the individuals in our care.


The Character of Leadership

  • Energy and passion for effective programs and positive outcomes
  • Focus on building collaborative relationships with community partners
  • Trust earned through ethical, respectful and safe action and behaviour
  • Innovative, open, curious, and eager to learn
  • Accountable, transparent, reliable, and predictable


On time, on Target and on Budget

WJS Management inspires confidence by displaying competence through our principles of service:

  • Individualized and complementary supports
  • Services for complex support needs
  • Strength based and solution focused
  • Programs are evidence based and trauma informed
  • Local community focus drawing on national support


Open and Empowered Management

WJS Management succeeds through open communication. All voices are heard and ideas are shared. Our decentralized structure encourage regional innovation and enables the adaptation of successful approaches to other areas.

On-going interaction equips us to act quickly and assertively. All services are carefully monitored through licensing, ministry compliance checks, audited financial statements and mandated accreditation standards. Our management team focuses on financial reporting, health and safety of employees and risk management.


Our Strength is Our People

Our success with individuals in care stems from strong and healthy relationships that nurture change and healing.

  • We give employees the tools to do the job
  • We develop their competencies and their confidence
  • We respect our employees’ work-life balance through flexible hours, locations, and duties.
  • We support our staff through employee assistance, benefit packages, innovative wellness programs and compassion for life challenges they face.

We accomplish real work goals and processes through employees empowered with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities. We collaborate at all levels to increase employee capacity, productivity and recognition. Our training programs    enhance performance, foster employee morale and ensure employee safety. We are committed to the health, loyalty and satisfaction of those who work with us.


Financial Services

Our financial management experts focus on fulfilling the  expectations of all stakeholders. 

Our CMA/CPA and CGA/CPA accounting department professionals bring over 20 years of experience to managing budgets that are regulated by various funding authorities. Our financial staff manage our resources to optimize the economies of scale offered by our company.

Our finance department also plays a key role in risk management through internal audits of programs to ensure that funds are being deployed as intended. We regularly assess the risk of services, strategies, and policies to ensure both the safety of those in our care and our future as a service provider.


Quality through collaboration

We inspire the people we serve to set expectations for the benefits they want to receive from our services. They set the goals and we help them achieve them. We measure not only how individuals are doing in meeting their goals, but also how we are doing in helping them. 

This approach is embedded in our supervisory and information management systems. We strive constantly to be better, more efficient and more effective. We implement solutions through feedback as well as internal and external reviews. 


Communicating through technology

Our networking and communications technology provides a “neural net” to connect people to and throughout WJS. We use web based applications for email, case management, intranet, finance, human resources and payroll. We manage service, operations and administration in a decentralized way, delegating appropriate authority while responsibly monitoring local activity. We have our own “internal cloud” data information management system with a secure firewall to protect and secure the information we are entrusted with.


Marketing and Public Relations

We are bold in telling our story and the stories of the people we serve. Our voice is in social media (follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), our website and through special projects including our Strength in People stories website and Fearless Hearts Association mentoring initiative.

No one tells our story better than our employees who are proud of their work and the success of those we serve. Our managers share responsibility for communicating our successes to our stakeholders, partners, families and community.

We are proud to preserve and grow  the legacy of our founder and namesake William J Stelmaschuk. The employee owned company he envisioned has harnessed the power of fiscal and moral responsibility to become Canada’s largest privately-owned social services company.