Referrals and Conditions

Referrals and Conditions

Referrals and requests for new programs can be made directly to us or through the referral process offered by the government agency that funds the services. Some of our services accept referrals directly from this website. If we cannot provide the services in demand, we may supply information about other agencies that could help you or. We sometimes initiate a new service to accommodate an individual and requests or ideas for new programs are always welcome. Click here for more contact information.


During the referral stage, our program managers and their staff team will support you and your family and introduce you to the professional support network available to you upon placement. Your support network may consist of yourself, your family, your social worker, and various other professionals.

Rights and Responsibilities.

Access to many WJS programs is controlled by the government ministries that fund them, and require you to apply though that ministry or department. If you are interested in accessing one of our services, contact us and we will either take the referral directly or help you contact the appropriate government ministry to determine eligibility. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will be matched to the most appropriate service available.


Although most WJS services are provided at no cost to the user, some require payment of a small fee. You or your social worker can contact us to see if there is any cost for the service you’re interested in.

Staff and persons receiving service work together to maximize the benefits of participating in WJS programs. Individuals served by WJS Canada are entitled to:

  • Refuse any service, intervention or medication (unless mandated by law or court order)
  • Actively participate in decisions about the services that affect them
  • Determine service choices and direction that affect them
  • Receive proactive, responsive and non-discriminatory service
  • Access information about them in their WJS files
  • Provide feedback on their services

To ensure that persons receiving service receive the greatest possible value from their participation in a WJS Canada program, we ask that they:


  • Participate fully in the programs.
  • Tell staff about any changes they want to programs that affect them.
  • Take responsibility for their relations with other persons served and staff.
  • Tell WJS Canada immediately about any unfair or improper treatment or breach    of confidentiality or the code of ethics and values by staff.
  • Respect the rights and dignity of other people involved with WJS Canada.
  • Refrain from unsafe behaviour that compromises other persons served or program staff.

Ministry Partners

  • British Columbia Ministry of Children and Families Community Living British Columbia
  • Alberta Human Services Persons with Developmental Disabilities
  • Workers Compensation Board (WCB)
  • Ontario Ministry of Children & Youth Services

We welcome feedback

WJS Canada encourages individuals and families who participate in our programs to provide us with feedback about the services they receive. Satisfaction surveys are on our website home page and available from program staff. You do not have to wait to get a survey to give us feedback. We invite you to share your experience for possible publication in our newsletter. Or tell us your story to be posted on our Strength in People contest website.


We want to hear what you think of our services and learn of the successes that you have had. We also use hard copy, telephone and on-line surveys to request feedback from other stakeholders, such as social workers and other professionals.

A family matter

WJS Canada in British Columbia encourages you and your family to participate in the family and resident council. The family council is made up of family members, and  provides feedback and direction to WJS Canada on service design and quality management. The resident council meets either weekly or monthly and provides a forum for you as a service user to give us feedback on the quality of service and to recommend changes that could improve it. The council invests the programs with independent information and advice from the community and is especially helpful in solving problems with access to public services in local communities.

Confidentiality and Privacy

WJS Privacy Policy supports the 10 principles of fair information practices identified in the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). We have policies in place to protect the personal information of employees and individuals. This information includes paper, audio and videotapes, electronic and financial information.


WJS Canada treats any and all information about you as confidential. Your personal information is used strictly for providing service to you, and for assessing the quality of our service. Your written consent will be requested if information from your file is to be shared with anyone else, or if you or your family may be observed, videotaped or audio taped. You may request copies of written materials provided by WJS to others, and you may request an appointment to review your file.


If you have any concerns about the way WJS handles confidential information, we encourage you to contact the Privacy Officer by phone at 604-465-5515, ex 102 or by e-mail at

Complaints, appeals and dispute resolution

All of us at WJS Canada want you to be happy, and safe, and to feel cared about and treated fairly. If you ever feel that you aren’t being treated fairly, remember that you can talk to us. We’ll listen to you and work with you to fix the problem. We will investigate your complaint quickly and fairly. If you feel you want someone else to help you express yourself in lodging a complaint, we invite you to involve a friend. This person is called an advocate.


Read more about our complaint & dispute resolution process.