Getting to Know Us

As an Individual passionate about changing lives for the better through hard work, personal caring and good ideas, you’ll find hundreds of kindred spirits at WJS Canada offices across Western Canada and Ontario.


For over 30 years, WJS Canada has worked within our communities as a trusted provider of  services to children, youth, adults and families facing difficulties. We’re the only national private service agency in Canada. Our employees are our owners. Every day, more than  600  WJS staff serve over 1,000 people in three provinces. We’re committed to building strong communities by providing a complete range of innovative and effective professional services. We lead and manage partnerships  with governments and consultants, families and community  organizations.

Serving on Time, on Target and on Budget

At WJS Canada, our ‘Strength in People’ style of management is a balance between relationship based service and accountability in the effective use of resources. Trust, strong connections, innovation and results are the pillars of our mandate. 


Our principles of management include: 

  • Services that are focused locally and supported nationally
  • Services that are community based
  • An outcome oriented approach
  • A broad and well-dispersed organization 
  • Virtually connected sites
  • Empowered, decentralized decision making


WJS Canada attends to the individual needs of each program or facility, providing support of daily operations and management. All services are carefully monitored through licensing regulations, annual ministry compliance checks, audited financial statements and mandated accreditation standards. Our focus is on individual results, well-being, health and safety of the employees. 


It is not our style to manage from behind our desks. We are hands-on, in the field and prepared to respond quickly and properly.


We manage by developing our core strength: our people. We give employees the tools to do the job, developing their competence and their confidence. We collaborate at all levels to increase employee capacity, productivity and recognition. We conduct training programs to ensure professional development and build skills, employee morale, employee safety, health, loyalty and satisfaction. 


Developing people includes respecting employees work-life balance through flexible hours, locations and duties. We support our staff with assistance and benefit packages, innovative wellness programs and compassion for the life challenges they face. 

Where we are

We support children, families, individuals with disabilities and youth at risk throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario. We have administrative offices in Grande Prairie, High Prairie, High Level, Peace River, Westlock, Slave Lake, Athabasca, Lac La Biche, Bonnyville, Fort McMurray, St Paul, Vegreville, Edmonton and Red Deer, Alberta

In British Columbia, we are located in Maple Ridge, Langley, Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Penticton, Cranbrook, Prince George, and Fort St. John.

And in Ontario, we’re in Kenora, Sioux Lookout and Dryden.

Offering all kinds of help for Children & Families

In everything we do, we strive to empower individuals within their network of support. We encourage and support family decisions in  building connections  with community and school resources. Our  safety focused  and holistic case management approach engages and empowers families and enables them to address the emotional, social, physical and general health aspects of their lives. Together  with our funding partners, we discuss and deal with family concerns to determine  what is working well to create focused safety goals.  We provide parenting education to build  capacity. We offer emotional support and response in a crisis by respecting their previous experience.

WJS Children and Family Services

Help with emotional and behavioural issues: giving parents ways to build healthy relationships with their kids

In-home self help skills: hands-on service to teach basic parenting home skills

Home visitations for parents with new babies: offering support on parenting and child development

In-home preservation and reunification: stabilize and strengthen families with children under children and family services.

Supervised visits: Ensuring a safe and supportive environment

Transportation services: Providing safe transportation 

Alternate living arrangements: stable placement for children experiencing family conflict.

Negotiation: Connecting with partners for ongoing community support

Family Group Conferencing: organizing meetings with extended family to support parents and children under ministerial support

Spirit of Our Youth: offering support for First Nation youth and families in Alberta

Disability Services for people facing physical & mental challenges 

At WJS Canada, our goal is  to help people with disabilities become  active, empowered and involved in their communities. We offer a wide range of local programs and services that encourage inclusion and participation. We help individuals face challenges including developmental disabilities, acquired brain injury, FASD, autism, and dual diagnosis. Our passion is to improve lives and develop  life skills.

Creating enabling environments

Home settings: optional residential support    

Support for behaviour, emotional and physical challenges: through consultation with experts. 

Friendship and Mentoring: toempowerand reinforce strengths 

DevelopingSelf-Help Skills: helps in facingeveryday life challenges.          

Teachingdaily living andgood citizenship skills: for community inclusion 

Career development: we teach employment preparation and work  skillsand continue with support in the workplace

Rest and relief: giving caregiversan occasional break    

Family support for children with disabilities: strengthening the family’s ability to further their children’s’ healthy   development   

Taking the lead for Youth at risk and Youth Justice

Our services for youth  enable positive life changes and increase self-esteem and confidence. We create a structured and healing environment for change. Programs balance academic,  social, citizenship  and other life skills together with recreation in a culturally sensitivesetting. Our programming also includes structured behaviour interventions. In all of our service planning, we focus on safety, well-being and working with the family and community support networks so important to positive change. A core team of the key worker, program manager, social workers, probation officers, and other relevant professionals develops and carries out a case management plan designed in the best interests of each individual we serve. We target individual outcomes, implement program goals and objectives, and focus on recreational and life skills development.  The role of the community in supporting the child, youth and family following care and treatment is engaged and enhanced.

Put yourself in our places

Structured Day Supervision: Group settings  in  British Columbia for youth  at risk 

Full time residential   for  youth at risk: Homes for  court adjudicated   youths  in   British Columbia.

Community, In-home, and overall support:  Available to mix gender youth at  risk in  Alberta.      

Spirit of our Youth: Residential and cultural support for First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth and families in Western and Northern Canada.    

Detention  centres for young offenders:  A male only 12-bed -centre   in Northern Ontario.    

Structured Day Supervision for young offenders:   Attendance Centres  for young offenders  in Ontario and British Columbia.

 Training and Education never stop

Our Training Division equips our own employees, the employees of other agencies, and individuals from the community with the tools to carry out their professional duties. Our instructors are carefully selected for their teaching ability as well as their knowledge and expertise. Our training is cost effective, meets current best practices, and represents the highest possible standards.   


Staff  receive ongoing and specific  core and competency training in areas such as crisis and suicide prevention techniques, behaviour management and interventions, alternative communication strategies, cultural sensitivity, First Aid, CPR, food safety, as well as a variety of additional program-related training.   


Staff are offered continuing professional development courses, credential level, that are self directed, self pacedand a combination of on-line and inclass. We offer specific assessment, training, education and development for  staff employed in programs for persons with disabilities in Northeast Alberta. 


We design, develop, organize and present conferences of any size or scope. 


We consult in the areas of program development, management and evaluation.