Treatment Built on Tradition


WJS Canada offers a wide range of culturally-sensitive programs developed to help those in the Aboriginal community face and overcome a variety of issues.


We reunite and sustain family units by bringing family members together in one home or supporting them in re-establishing and maintaining contact. We respect and nurture cultural practices and lifestyles. Services include supporting family caregivers, providing emergency respite, home visitations and group session for children plus teaching proper parenting skills. We acknowledge Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) as a factor to be dealt with when enabling people to become self-sufficient. WJS staff provide coaching in skill development, behavioural support, respite and vocational activities using Foundational Practice Standards and Indicators which is trauma informed with cultural practices imbedded into the overall services.


WJS Canada offers support and accommodations to First Nation, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) children and youth in British Columbia, Western and Northern Canada who for a variety of reasons cannot live in their family homes. Our services include emergency homes, residential, transitional and independent living support and therapeutic youth work. We strive to strengthen youth ties to families and community while keeping them connected to and empowered by their culture.


Programs for FNMI youth in custody and programs focused on alternatives to custody are culturally appropriate and include education, child welfare and children’s mental health. Programs are delivered by caring and qualified staff in partnership with families, their Aboriginal home community and the neighbourhood.

Customized Services


We offer a wide range of personalized services that gives individuals, their families and their caregivers, a choice in creating a customized approach, based in best practices and employing innovative programs that are proven to produce life-changing results. Whenever possible, we deliver our programs within the home community.

 Cultural Respect


We have a passionate regard for the role of roots in recovery. Life-long teachings and beliefs provide a strong basis for overcoming physical, emotional and other challenges. Consult with WJS Canada staff for information on Elder Support and a wide variety of cultural activities intended to apply the past in building the future.

 Understanding Trauma


Acknowledging a challenging past is part of creating a promising future. Our trauma-informed approach empowers youth by recalling and respecting their previous experience. We help youth deal with the loss and grief of a disrupted family life through counselling and therapeutic supports that grow self-esteem and confidence. 


WJS Canada is proud to offer accredited programs. British Columbia and Alberta are accredited by CARF. In Ontario our facilities are subject to annual licensing reviews by the Ministry of Children & Youth Services. Accreditation confirms that WJS meets provincial and international standards and incorporates best practices into management and programming. It recognizes WJS employees as professionals in their respective fields and, most importantly offers the people we serve and their families assurance that the services they receive from WJS are of the highest caliber.


Referrals and requests for new programs can be made directly to us or through the referral process offered by the government agency that funds the services. Some of our services accept referrals directly from this website. If we cannot provide the services in demand, we may supply information about other agencies that could help you or. We sometimes initiate a new service to accommodate an individual and requests or ideas for new programs are always welcome. Click here for more information.