Creating a Positive Path for Aboriginal Youth


Justice programs offered by WJS Canada focus on protecting society while helping and encouraging offenders to take responsibility for their behaviour and, when possible, repair the harm they have caused. We offer services for First Nations and Metis youth ranging from open custody, attendance and intensive supervision programs to community work skills development programs. All are designed to bring offenders back into the community as motivated contributors. The services we provide use traditional practices and build on individual strengths and competencies as well as resources within the family and community. Individual program plans are personalized and holistic, and comply with best practices and applicable standards. Supports are based on the degree of intervention required, and consider the cultural diversity of the offenders.


Our youth justice programs balance academic, social, citizenship and other life skills development with recreation in a culturally sensitive setting. We focus on safety and well-being and fully involve the family and community support networks that are key to positive change. A core team of the prime caregiver, program manager, social workers, probation officers, and other professionals develops and carries out a case management plan designed in the best interests of each individual we serve. We engage and enhance the communities supporting our efforts.

Youth Justice Services

WJS Canada takes a broad and diverse approach to youth under Open Custody & Open Detention orders with many of our youth coming from First Nations and Metis homes.

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WJS Canada delivers programs to First Nation and Metis youth who have been found guilty of an offence that would otherwise result in custody but whose issues are determined to best be addressed by home and community interventions.

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