Respite Care

Respite is often the most frequently requested and needed family support services. Respite is designed to help families and caregivers take a break from the daily responsibility of caring for their youth or children with a disability. Respite services have been shown to prevent or delay more costly out-of-home placements and keep all family members safe and stable in addition to:


  • Helping the caregiver maintain their own health and wellbeing by giving them time to rest or attend to their own needs
  • Preventing the early breakup of families by helping the caregiver remain on the job longer
  • Keeping loved ones at home as long as possible
  • Improving the caregivers’ ability and effectiveness to care through education and improved skill level


When Respite Care is Needed


You feel burdened or isolated and need some relief from the constant responsibilities of caregiving for a disabled family member or friend.


  • When your work schedule or a hospitalization, illness, vacation, or life’s other circumstances make caregiving difficult.
  • You are having difficulty finding time to attend to your own needs, family responsibilities or demands at work because of caregiving.

WJS Canada offers respite through many of their programs in Alberta and BC.


All Kinds of Help


Wherever possible, we deliver our personalized programs within the home community. A variety of options give individuals and their families choice in the selection of supports that best match their needs.

Programs in British Columbia

WJS Canada has suites in the Dave Pranteau Aboriginal Children’s Village for respite and or an emergency short term care home for Aboriginal children who cannot remain in their own residence. With continuous intake throughout the day or night, this WJS program can support from 6 to 10 children a month.

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