Independent Living

We help Individuals with brain injuries to live independently and succeed in anything from learning to manage a monthly budget to managing a bad temper. Through the planning process, we assist with connecting individuals to other services such medical, psychiatric, self-help, employment or community leisure. We provide these services in the person’s own home or at a chosen site in the community for up to 10 hours a week.

Programs in Alberta

The WJS Acquired Brain Injury Program provides personal, one-on-one support that enables adults with acquired brain injuries to build independence, improve their quality of life, and increase participation in the community. We provide these services in their own home, up to twenty four hours, seven days a week, so they can remain there. We help individuals identify and aspire toward their goals and meet changing needs en route. Their goals can include independent living, developing natural supports in the community, and managing their finances. We help them with their mental health and addictions, problem solving, routine planning and memory loss.

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