Youth at Risk

We’re on the side of Youth


WJS Canada’s youth programs focus on youth who engage in high risk behaviour, youth and children with disabilities, home living support, residential child care and community access.


WJS home living programs include group and shared living, supported independent living and support and accommodations for First Nation, Metis and Inuit (FNMI) youth in Western and Northern Canada. Our services to at risk young females in care include emergency receiving and shared living in a live-in family setting.


Our community based programs address therapeutic youth work, support during the transition to adulthood, structured day supervision, in-home support, supervised access and transportation and community school programs. We provide opportunities for growth and development in safe, educational and nurturing environments that support and encourage youth in making favourable choices towards a sustainable, healthy and rewarding lifestyle.


Life skills and community based programs focus on empowering youth with disabilities to be independent, self reliant and confident.


WJS Canada delivers programming across three provinces; providing housing and trauma-based guidance for children and youth. We go far beyond offering a place to stay to create an environment that heals, empowers and enables. Our programs and services focus on  understanding the past, embracing the present and looking forward to the future. We strive to make each child in our care feel special and capable of things currently beyond their imagination. At the same time, we inspire them to engage as part of a community of goal-oriented individuals with extraordinary and unique potential.

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Community services for youth are those provided outside a facility, in the youth’s home, their recreational world, with friends or on the streets. WJS Canada supports are personalized and focus on building resilience, life competencies and positive relationships with friends and family. We work with youth at their level and in their world to help them accomplish their goals and overcome obstacles. WJS services are designed to fit the youth’s particular situation and draw upon a range of approaches including solution focused thinking skills, social skills for relationships, emotional support, controlling behavior, crisis mediation and conflict resolution. We help youth locate and connect with community resources so they become able to lead rewarding lives. Our goal is to inspire hope and build self-esteem as a counter to the turbulence of growing up.  

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For youth with developmental disabilities including a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, WJS Canada has a variety of programs offers that offer life skill development that focus on fostering positive social interactions and relationships through a variety of fun and engaging life skill activities, games and events. We also offer programs to support the families and caregivers of these youth.

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