Adult Justice

Specialized Justice


Providing the legal system with an alternative to incarceration for adults with developmental disabilities, acquired brain injury, FASD, autism and mental health issues. 


WJS Canada offers a wide range of services proven to enable offenders to re-join and contribute to their communities. The rights of offenders are balanced with their responsibilities as citizens.


The WJS Canada’s Specialized Justice offers residential and outreach programs for adults who have developmental disabilities and are charged with a criminal offence. WJS Canada is bringing long-lasting benefits to the criminally charged disabled, the communities in which they live and the systems we are committed to protect and enhance.


Our intensively screened care providers ensure safety, program planning and modelling of socially acceptable behaviours. They facilitate and participate in programming, interventions and supervise participants in individual and group situations.


Most criminally charged adults who have developmental disabilities are unaccustomed to how the justice system functions. We offer personal and holistic guidance intended to respect the process while ensuring the safety of the individual and the community.


  • We manage activities that encourage acceptable social behaviour
  • We offer understanding and require accountability for behaviour
  • We provide protection and rights-specific advocacy
  • We individualize effective services, assessments and treatment plans
Program Details

How we help

Adults involved in the program develop skills key to their return to the community:

  •  Self-regulation
  •  Social skills
  •  Anger management
  •  Independence
  •  Communication skills
  •  Community access abilities
  •  Cultural sensitivity
  •  Nutrition and wellness knowledge
  •  Work and education access
  •  Substance abuse education
  •  Constructive time management
  •  Non-violent relationship skills



Services are provided as a condition of a probation order. Individuals receiving service have a developmental disability and demonstrate serious and/or repeated criminal behaviours. There is a clear need for greater monitoring and supervision beyond which probation or supervision alone can provide.



We welcome referrals from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC), lawyers, advocates, the courts and judicial representatives. Referral decisions are based on profile risk reviews conducted by a collaborative team of community partners and agencies.


Contact us for more information

Specialized Justice Services Program Director Jatinder Aujla (604)533-5531