Family Preferencing

Thank you for exploring the opportunity to have WJS support your family member. We know that the care and support they receive needs to ensure they live a full life based on their life goals and aspirations, and you can rest assured that their health and safety needs are an integral part of our care plans.

For more than 16 years, WJS has supported more than 200 individuals in home share situations in the Lower Mainland, the Interior, Vancouver Island and Prince George. Our team of Quality Analysts meets regularly with our home share providers and the persons served. We know it is important that the people we support know they can reach out when they want to celebrate successes or share challenges.

JT's Story

How the unexpected career path brought 25-years of lifelong friendships and remarkable experiences.

Jen's Story

Jen’s story is just one of many. Every day we support children, youth, adults and families in crisis and help people with disabilities thrive in communities across Canada. We work with people to uncover and develop their unique strengths to be the very best they can be.

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As a CARF accredited agency, our services are monitored by external peers to ensure that we meet and exceed best practices for trauma informed care. People we support appreciate the individualized care and attention that is given to their unique situation. Whether they like to travel or stay home, go camping or go to amusement parks, love to cook or eat out, they are able to be supported to live a life that is about their choices.

Our caregivers love the role they play in supporting individuals to live full lives in communities. They also acknowledge that that support they get from WJS helps them feel less isolated, through connection to their quality analyst or other providers. Regular in home visits ensure that your family member will know both their care provider and the WJS staff who support them.

The Core Values of WJS are Integrity, Quality, Accountability, Team Work and Passion. We live those values every day in how we build care plans, implement safety protocols, look for opportunities for improvement and make decisions about how best to provide a full life for everyone. This book reflects the stories of how our values show up in the work we do with the individuals we support.

Our service delivery model is reflected in this picture but you can read about what in means in the day to day lives of the people we support in this book.

Service Delivery Model

Become part of the WJS home share network

We’re always looking for home share providers to join our network. An option for your current home share provider would be to join the WJS network meaning there would be minimal disruption to your family members living and caregiver situation. Talk to your current provider, we offer:
  • Comprehensive Training
  • Become Accredited under WJS
  • Access to Emergency Support 
  • Member of a peer group team
  • Help with finding respite support 
Form more information email Lynn Wanamaker (
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WJS Canada wishes to respectfully acknowledge that we operate on the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples across Canada.