Our Approach

WJS Canada incorporates inclusivity, cultural respect, personalized service and trauma-informed care in all we do.

We encourage every individual we serve to participate in the development of their care plan, and we also invite family members and loved ones to become involved. This way we can be sure the individual’s unique strengths, personal goals and activity preferences are taken into account.

When the individual does not have an extended support system, WJS Canada staff advocates for them and ensures they are heard, valued and treated with respect.

COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Values and Principles

See the role that our caregivers play in supporting individuals to live full lives in their communities.


Our service delivery model is not one-size-fits-all. It guides our daily work, recognizing the needs and uniqueness of each region, individual, and approach.

In our storybook, we share stories that capture the resilience of the individuals in our care.

Cultural Respect

Cultural awareness and sensitivity are so important when it comes to helping individuals overcome physical, emotional and other challenges.

WJS Canada staff receive specialized training and education to provide them with the skills to work in the most effective and respectful ways with people from different cultures, including Indigenous families, children and youth.

This includes a focus on cultural competency and cultural safety – an understanding and acknowledgement of how social and historical contexts shape the way care is delivered — and the impact this can have on those in our care.

Cultural Resource Coordinators

These specialized WJS Canada staff members help to build cultural connections and opportunities for those we serve. They also provide indigenous awareness to our staff nation-wide. With their guidance, WJS Canada continues to improve our programs and services to better incorporate cultural awareness and respect.

Customized Services

We offer a wide range of personalized and holistic services. We invite individuals and their families or caregivers to help us create of a customized plan just for them, based in best practice and on the person’s or family’s specific needs. By building programs around an individual or family unit instead of trying to deliver services in a rigid, inflexible framework, WJS Canada is able to produce life changing results, even in the most complex of cases. 

Understanding Trauma

Acknowledging a challenging past is part of creating a promising future. Our trauma-informed approach empowers those we serve by recalling and respecting their previous experience. We help individuals and families deal with the loss and grief of a disrupted life through counselling and therapeutic supports that grow self-esteem and confidence.


WJS Canada’s programs are certified in BC and Alberta. In Ontario, our programs are reviewed annually by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

WJS Canada wishes to respectfully acknowledge that we operate on the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples across Canada.