See Where Passion Leads You

The following is an excerpt from WJS Canada’s storybook “Your Story Is Our Story”, a collection of experiences recounted by WJS employees that celebrate the caring culture of their work within the organization.

Having passion for the work that WJS does means seeing the potential in someone and having the patience to see them through an extended process, even (or especially) when others won’t. As in Robert Grenier’s case below, passion is rewarded by seeing the impact of your work.

In Sioux Lookout, Ontario, there was a young individual who has FASD (Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) and was exposed to substance abuse by family in his home. As a result, the youth felt unsafe and often had angry outbursts.

The young person was Robert’s first client. Robert guided the individual through an anger management program not just once – but six times! Robert felt the repetition would be beneficial, because of their FASD, and remained patient and supportive throughout the process. He then supported the youth through a working program to find them employment.

The individual has now held down their job for three years and counting. Robert recalls the individual telling him that if it weren’t for his help, they would be in jail. They may still have outbursts, but now they have the tools to deal with them to produce positive results.

It is the achievements and connections like those of the first young person Robert worked with that inspire him to do his work, put in the extra hours, and keep expanding services throughout his area.

It makes me realize I’m doing something great for the community.”

Ablaza Dobson, Outreach Worker, Creston, BC