Services and support so offenders can rejoin and contribute to their community.

WJS Canada offers specialized justice programs for adults and youth with a focus on protecting society while helping encourage individuals to take responsibility for their behavior and, where possible, repair the harm they have caused.

How We Can Help

Our services for adults include residential and outreach programs for individuals with diverse abilities who have been charged with a criminal offence. We bring long-lasting benefits to the criminally-charged and to the communities where they live. Programs support accountability and encourage socially acceptable behaviors through supervision, education, anger management and relationship skills.

We also offer services for youth ranging from open custody, attendance and intensive supervision programs to community work and skills development programs. Our custody programs balance academic, social, citizenship and other life skills with recreation in a safe and culturally-sensitive setting. 

We also deliver home and community intervention programs to youth who’ve been found guilty of non-custodial offences to direct change toward acceptable social behaviour with the support of family and community.


Criminally charged adults can be referred to our Justice services through Community Living British Columbia, lawyers, advocates, the courts, and judicial representatives.


Youth participating in our Justice programs are generally court-ordered to do so, or recommended through their probation officers. Band referrals are also accepted for indigenous youth at risk. Read more about our Youth Services.

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How to Access Justice Programs

To get more information about our justice programs contact WJS Canada at 1-800-867-1987.

We Want to Hear From You

If you are interested in a WJS Canada service not currently offered in your community, please get in touch. We may be able to provide you with alternatives or possibly even expand our services to meet your needs.

WJS Canada incorporates inclusivity, cultural respect, personalized service and trauma-informed care in all we do.

WJS Canada wishes to respectfully acknowledge that we operate on the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples across Canada.