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Trauma-informed support that helps youth develop skills and expand their horizons.

WJS Canada’s Youth programs focus on youth justice, home living and residential care, foster and kinship homes, youth with diverse abilities, and community access services. Our trauma-informed approach empowers youth by recalling and respecting their previous experiences. Knowing and understanding the past can provide the key to encouraging change and creating a positive future.

How We Can Help

Youth Justice

Our youth justice programs balance court-ordered custody requirements with programs that encourage positive change and provide youth with opportunities to develop academic, social, citizenship and other life skills.

Our ACE program, available in our Northern Regional Attendance Centres, gives youth a new outlook on education and what they can achieve. Our Independent Placement Program and Second Chance Youth Program in British Columbia work to keep youth out of custody and in their communities so they can make changes in their lives.

Whether youth require custody or detention, are engaged in day programs, or require intensive support and supervision, WJS Canada brings a focus on safety and well-being and fully involves family and community support networks.

All British Columbia-based home living and residential services require a referral from the Ministry of Child and Family Development (MCFD).

The Attendance Centres located in Kenora, Dryden and Sioux Lookout provide individual and group programs for youth ages 12 to 18 years of age that are at risk of or involved in the justice system. Programs are offered through in person or online and include Anger Management, Substance Abuse, Education, Life Skills, Employment (job skills), Healthy Relationships. The length of the program depends on the specified program and participant. Programs are specialized to the youth’s ability, needs and capability.  

Academic Connections through Empowerment – ACE Program is a section 23 classroom that provides support for youth in grades 8-12 who are struggling with regular classroom environments. We provide the criteria and assistance for youth to obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diploma or Certificate.  

LEAP provides youth and young adults between the age of 15-30 years facing barriers to employment the resources and support to complete modules that cover self discovery and employment assistance to prepare for and obtain employment.  

Foster and Kinship Homes

Youth entering foster or kinship care often benefit from specialized emotional or physical support. WJS Canada partners with family caseworkers to help enhance the foster and kinship care experience. We provide counselling and other programs to help youth while they are in foster or kinship care. Programs also give foster and kinship parents the tools and resources to help them meet the needs of the youth in their care.

Youth with Diverse Abilities

WJS Canada programs for youth with diverse abilities offer life skills development.  They focus on fostering positive social interactions and relationships through a variety of fun and engaging life skill activities, games and events.  We also offer programs to support the families and caregivers of these youth, including offering supported parenting time, and respite care designed to help them take a break from the daily responsibility of caring for a youth.

Community Services

Our community-based programs address therapeutic youth work, support during the transition to adulthood, structured day supervision, in-home support, supervised access and transportation and community school programs. We provide opportunities for growth and development in safe, educational and nurturing environments that support and encourage youth in making favorable choices towards a sustainable, healthy and rewarding lifestyle.

Life skills and community based programs focus on empowering youth to be independent, self-reliant and confident.

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Learning Employment Action Plan

L.E.A.P. is a free employment program for individuals ages 15-30, focusing on youth who face employment barriers.

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How to Access Services for Youth

To get more information about services for youth contact WJS Canada at 1-800-867-1987.

We Want to Hear From You

If you are interested in a WJS Canada service not currently offered in your community, please get in touch. We may be able to provide you with alternatives or possibly even expand our services to meet your needs.

WJS Canada incorporates inclusivity, cultural respect, personalized service and trauma-informed care in all we do.

WJS Canada wishes to respectfully acknowledge that we operate on the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples across Canada.